There are still places where Aussie travellers can get more bang for your buck. (Source: Getty)

If you’re planning a trip abroad, you’ve no doubt noticed how weak the Aussie dollar is compared to many other major currencies.

Right now, it’s not a great time to be an Aussie in the UK ($1 AUD = 0.52 GBP), the United States ($1 AUD = 0.64 USD) or Europe ($1 AUD = 0.61 EUR).

But there are still places where Aussies can stretch their money further.


$1 AUD = 94.61 Japanese yen

In Tokyo, a local beer would set you back 395¥ or just over $4 – a massive difference when you consider some places in Australia are now charging nearly $20 for a pint. A three-course meal for two would cost you about 6,000¥ or $63, according to the Wise research, while a monthly public transport pass would cost 5,200¥ or $54.94.


$1 AUD = 53.02 Indian rupees

While the Aussies are yet to shine in the World Cup in India, It’s still a good time to be a travelling cricket fan. Or if you’d prefer to relax somewhere tropical like Goa, a coffee would cost 140 rupees or $2.62 – another steal when compared to the average price of coffee in Australia of around $5. A meal from a street vendor would cost you around 200 rupees or $3.74, while a 10km taxi trip would cost around 300 rupees or $5.60.


$1 AUD = 10060.99 Indonesian rupiah

Bali is one of the most popular destinations for Aussies and that’s largely thanks to its affordability. Half a litre of domestic beer costs 50,000Rp or $4.97, while renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre for a month would set you back 9,793,517.95Rp or $973.42.

South Africa

$1 AUD = 12.41 South African rand

In South Africa, which is well-known for its wine, a bottle of mid-range red would cost you 100R or $8.06. Meanwhile, a monthly public transport pass would cost 1,300R or $104.73 and a meal at an inexpensive restaurant would be around 175R or $14.10.


$1 AUD = 2.77 Polish zloty

You may still be able to go to Europe on a budget. In Krakow, a bottle of beer would cost you just 4.19zł or $1.51. A three-course meal for two at a relatively nice restaurant would cost 170zł or $61.37, while a ticket to the movies would cost 29.50zł or $10.65.

Sri Lanka

$1 AUD = 206.81 Sri Lankan rupees

In Colombo, a local beer would cost you around 500Rs or $2.42, an inexpensive restaurant meal would cost 900Rs or $4.35, while a monthly public transport pass is just 1700Rs or $8.22.


$1 AUD = 224.69 Argentine pesos

It can be tricky to buy Argentine pesos due to supply but USD is widely accepted by most businesses. Even if you are using USD, it can still be relatively cheap. A coffee costs around $1.53 USD or $2.38, while a bottle of medium-range red wine costs $3.35 USD or $5.22.

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