The notion of this Moroccan city being unsafe for solo women travellers is a common one, but it’s possible to have a terrific (and tasty) trip with caution and planning

Vritti Bansal on her solo adventure in Marrakech

Videos of kaleidoscopic ceramics in the souks, serene riads, palaces with mosaics, and gardens with water features had fascinated me for two months before my flight from Dublin to Marrakech. Despite having heard some discouraging words, I was sure of going on my own.

Even the fact that my flight would land in Marrakech at midnight didn’t deter me. I called the driver who was supposed to pick me up, but he didn’t answer. A few minutes later, I saw a man holding a sign with my riad’s name on it and felt immediate relief. He walked me to the taxi and heaved my luggage into the back. We chatted for the entire 20-minute drive. Windows were rolled down; the cool breeze, palm trees and high city walls all felt welcoming.