Somehow, we are just mere days away from the end of 2023. Now that another year has come to pass, we can look back on all the things we experienced and, thanks to Google, look back at all the trips we searched for and planned along the way.

Each December, Google unveils its Year in Search, which includes all trending queries we made. It highlights the things we searched for that had a sustained spike in traffic over a longer period compared to 2022.

According to Google, which shared some of its more travel-centric results, honeymooners were all about luxury escapes in 2023, including both beachside and city getaways.

The most popular honeymoon destinations in 2023

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The No. 1 trending destination for honeymoons was Bali, Indonesia. The location is ideal for newly minted married couples as it offers plenty of beaches to sit on for days on end, cultural activities for those looking to make new memories together, and fantastic dining options so you can split a few dishes with your boo.

Bali was followed by the nation of Scotland, which offers a completely different, but equally fantastic vibe, filled with rolling hills and opportunities to walk along more rugged shorelines and spend a little time in a pub or two.

Following these two destinations was the French Riviera; a domestic spot in Gatlinburg, Tennessee; an island getaway in Saint Lucia; the entire, ever-romantic nation of France; the adventure-lover’s dream of the Galápagos Islands; the fun-loving getaway to Las Vegas; a far-flung escape to Zanzibar; and a tapas dream in Spain.

As for actual wedding locations, Google revealed that Lake Como, Italy, led the pack, followed by Tulum and Cancun in Mexico. These were followed by Bali, which could be a double feature for wedding and honeymoon, and onto a host of domestic spots, including Long Island, New York; San Antonio, Texas; Puerto Rico; Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Burlington, Vermont. But really, no matter where you say “I do” or celebrate your newly wedded bliss, you’re going to have a great time, we swear.

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