Korea has a really good public transportation system. It’ll save you money and allow you to travel wherever you want. But here are some tricks and tips you should know to help you navigate it. So, here’s a simple lesson about how to use my country’s public transportation system. It will be one of the most important lessons you should learn while living in Korea!

T-money Card
– A must-have item in Korea 

Having a T-money card will help make your life in Korea easier and more convenient. You can use it for a bus, taxi, metro and convenience stores in most of metropolitan cities such as Seoul, Busan and Daegu. It offers a 100 won discount for every ride as well as a huge discount when you transfer to another bus or metro line within 30 minutes (Limited to 4 times a day).

– Where to buy
T-money cards are sold at most convenience stores and ticket vending machines at metro stations. 
Price: From 2,500 won ($1.8) – more (The price goes up depending on the design and type) 
– How to use
❶  Out 1,000 won to 90,000 won on the card at convenience stores or metro stations.
❷ Scan the card at a bus and metro when you enter. Make sure to scan it again before you exit to get a transfer discount.

More about T-money card, please check these website
General Information
Area of Use

– Areas: Seoul Capital Area (Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi-do), Busan, Daegu, Daejoen, Gwangju
– Hours: Approximately 5:30 a.m. – midnight 
– Fare: About 1,250 won for adults 
    (With a T-money card)
– Ticket: Use a T-money card or buy a single journey ticket at the ticket vending machines
– More information about metro: Website
– Download Subway Korea on your phone!
The Metro system in Korea can be very complicated for foreigners. Many metro lines have several different train routes, so it’s easily to get lost. I recommend you trying this useful app to find out the directions, train routes, fares, travel times, schedules and more. When you select the departure and arrival station, you can check all train schedules. (Select a language and city in settings)


Type of train
• General Trains: ITX-Saemaeul/Saemaeul, Mugunghwa-ho
• High-speed train: KTX

Reservation for a ticket
❶ Download KorailTalk app on your phone or check the website. (both provide the same service) 
* For the app, please change the language setting to English as seen in the picture.

❷ Search the departure and arrival stations and check the schedule.
❸ Click “select” on the class and check the timetable and fare. 
❹ Purchase a ticket with your credit card (If it doesn’t work, your bank probably blocks international usage or you might be using a VPN)
* The service for foreigners doesn’t give you a choice of seat. It randomly gives you a seat after you purchase a ticket. If you purchase a ticket at the station, you can select a seat.
Korail Pass (Unlimited Train Ride Pass)



Type of train

• High-speed train

Reservation for a ticket
Unfortunately, you can’t reserve a ticket without a credit card from a Korean bank. You can make a reservation at the train station, through an agency, or ask a Korean for help. On the website, you can check the schedule and route of SRT.

Let’s practice together!
Let’s say you’re a newcomer who has never used public transportation in Korea. Let’s make a trip plan together, step by step.

❶ Download Kakao Map or Naver Map

❷ Search the departure and arrival location
• For subways: Try to check the arrival time of the subway on the app, and make sure you’re taking the right train in the right direction. 
• For trains: Try to make a reservation with KorailTalk

❸ Leave the base and start your journey!
•  Take a taxi from your location directly to the station and buy a T-money card there. (Exchange taxi: 1544-9080)
• Get a T-money card at a convenience store near your location and take a bus to get to the station!

Travel Apps
Kakao Map

 Android, iOS
Naver Map

Android, iOS
Subway Korea
Android, iOS
Korail Talk
Android, iOS

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