With the help of the ground staff and following exchange of 3 emails, the Lost and Found Department could track down the missing item

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Hana Mohsin Khan/Instagram

Published: Tue 5 Sep 2023, 6:00 AM

Hana Mohsin Khan, a commercial pilot with an Indian airline, lost one of her favourite watches from her collection while operating a flight back from Dubai to her home country.

At the Dubai airport, during the security check, Hana took off her Coach watch but forgot to pick it up after the security scan. Instead, she went straight to the popular Duty Free. The pilot realised her precious watch was missing when flying back to India.

An avid watch collector, she had little hope of recovering her lost timepiece. Nonetheless, she decided to reach out to her ground staff in Dubai in a hopeful attempt. Luck was on her side. Speaking with Khaleej Times, the experienced pilot revealed that she had never managed to retrieve anything she had misplaced, until now.

With the help of the ground staff and following the exchange of three emails, the Lost and Found Department at the airport was able to track down the missing item successfully.

Hana, who makes regular monthly trips to Dubai, wasted no time on Sunday (Sept 3) and went straight to the Lost and Found office. Within minutes, she was reunited with her timepiece.

“I’m in awe that I got my watch back with such little hassle!” she exclaimed, and then added, “That’s just how life is there (Dubai).”

She’s absolutely correct; this exemplifies the way of life in Dubai – one that is both safe and secure. Over the years, we’ve heard countless stories of Dubai Police successfully locating valuable possessions, important documents, and even cash and then returning them to their rightful owners, whether they reside within or outside the country. Even commonplace items like wallets, bags, credit cards, passports, mobile phones, laptops, and eyeglasses have been promptly returned by authorities, providing owners a profound sense of joy and relief.

Originally from Uttar Pradesh, Hana spent her formative years in Saudi Arabia, residing in both Jeddah and Riyadh for a total of 16 years. In an X post, she wrote: “Growing up in the Middle East, it took us a long time to remember to lock our car and house doors. Law and order is just brilliant. Thank you, Dubai!”

Hana’s experience underscores the sense of security both residents and visitors enjoy in the UAE. According to data released by Numbeo in July, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Dubai have been rated among the world’s five safest cities, strengthening the country’s position as an ideal destination to work and live in terms of security and stability.