GuideGeek delivers precise travel advice using Matador’s content, proprietary data and OpenAI’s GPT-4

GuideGeek, Matador Network’s AI travel assistant powered by OpenAI, is now accessible to Facebook Messenger users, expanding its reach beyond WhatsApp and Instagram. This move aims to place GuideGeek in the hands of more travelers globally, offering instant, personalized travel tips at no cost. 

Ross Borden, CEO of Matador Network, highlighted the seamless integration with Meta platforms as a significant step towards enhancing travel experiences worldwide. “WhatsApp and Instagram work seamlessly with GuideGeek and we’re excited that another Meta platform has become a part of our users’ journeys,” he said.

Currently, GuideGeek boasts hundreds of thousands of active users, with projections to hit the one million mark by April. It has fielded over 3.7 million queries in 42 languages from travelers in 61 nations. This travel AI is completely free, ad-free and requires no downloads or sign-ups—travelers just need to send a message on the available platforms.

GuideGeek’s responses are informed by Matador Network’s original content, proprietary data and the OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. It stands out for its accuracy—98%, according to Borden—thanks to reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF), where travel experts refine the AI’s performance by reviewing its interactions.

“Everyone familiar with AI knows that the technology comes with its share of hallucinations, or inaccurate information. Our team has done a ton of work to bring GuideGeek up to 98% accuracy,” Borden says. “Hitting these milestones and beating the industry norms has helped us scale GuideGeek in less than a year.”

This development aligns with Matador Network’s survey findings, showing a high propensity among travelers (64%), especially business travelers (75%), to utilize AI for travel planning. 

GuideGeek generates revenue by collaborating with destination marketing organizations (DMOs). These DMOs can obtain a tailored version of the AI, enabling them to communicate with travelers about specific locales directly through their channels on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

“When ChatGPT came out, [people] thought everyone was going to go there for everything,” Borden recently told the audience at the Skift Global Forum in Dubai. “I think where we’re going is a place where every brand, every airline, every DMO is going to want to have their AI based on their data, their brand, their content.”

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