The Nepali Military on Thursday launched a 100-kilometre walkathon from Gorkha district to Kathmandu with the target of preserving and selling the nation’s historic heritage.

The walkathon, which kicked off with the assist of Gorkha Municipality and Bhimsen Thapa Rural Municipality, was organised by the Ripumardan Battalion of the Nepali Military, in accordance with Nepal Military headquarters sources.

A staff of Nepal Military is taking part within the ”unification of Nepal” themed walkathon which began on Thursday morning, they mentioned.

Sabuj battalion, Barda Bahadur battalion, Outdated Gorakh battalion, Kalibux battalion, and Srinath battalion are taking part within the historic journey from Hanuman Bhanjyang in Gorkha Palace, carrying the nationwide flag, torches, and garlands.

King Prithvinarayan Shah of Gorkha unified Nepal by merging dozens of smaller states on the identical day about 255 years in the past.

The staff that walked from Gorkha on Thursday will journey via Dhading and Nuwakot districts earlier than lastly concluding the journey in Kathmandu on January 11 — the Nationwide Unification Day — following the footsteps of the Gorkha troopers, who conquered Kathmandu in 1768.

The troopers belonging to Prithvi Narayan Shah generally known as Gurju ko Paltan will even be part of the staff.

The route utilized by the late King Prithvi Narayan Shah throughout his Nepal Unification Marketing campaign has been developed by the Nepali Military because the ”unification path” for the previous 4 years. That is the fourth time that the nationwide military has organised the walkathon.

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