A traveller suggests a simple way to dodge queues of cars waiting at an airport’s arrivals area. Photo / Unsplash

Whether you’re waiting to be collected at the airport or driving there to pick up a friend, no one likes waiting in a long queue of cars.

However, there is a trick to avoiding the traffic jam at pick-up, according to one traveller. In a video posted to TikTok, Lindsay Mukaddam claimed she doesn’t have to wait long to get collected from the airport.

Mukaddam often shares travel tips and advice on the platform under the handle @onegirlwandering and this particular trick has been viewed more than one million times. In the caption, Mukaddam wrote that she “may look like crud” after spending more than 20 hours travelling, but there was an upside.

“At least I don’t have to wait a moment longer to get home,” the caption read.


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Speaking to the camera, Mukaddam shared how she did it.

“Come to the departures level if the arrivals level is completely slammed with cars because then the person who’s picking you up can get up here with no issues and they don’t have to wait in line,” she said.

In larger airports with multiple storeys, one typically has check-in desks, while the other level is where travellers exit after arriving. Therefore, the latter is usually where cars arrive to wait and collect travellers, causing queues.


I may look like crud after a 20+ hour travel day but at least I don’t have to wait a moment longer to get home #traveltiktok #traveltip #airportlife

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Like most social media travel hacks, Mukaddam did admit the hack wasn’t foolproof, telling online media site Daily Dot that it only saves time if the airport has separate departure and arrival levels.


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Travellers should also take note of any signs in the airport around collection and drop-off rules.

Some airports actively encourage travellers to use both the arrivals and departures levels to ease congestion, while others only want travellers to be dropped off or collected in designated places.

Waiting for a ride outside the airport isn’t the only time a traveller has to queue up at the airport.

During busy seasons, national carrier Air New Zealand often reminds travellers of key points to consider for an efficient journey.

Advice includes checking in before your flight online, arriving early and ensuring your luggage is not over the weight or size limits.

Travellers are also encouraged to go through security screening as soon as they can, to avoid getting stuck in crowds and missing their flight, and check carry-on bags for items that are not allowed through security, such as liquids or certain devices.